About Surge

Surge Network is a movement of local churches united to put Jesus on display in our cities.

There is a great scene in the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally LLoyd-Jones where the Spirit comes upon God’s people at Pentecost just as the resurrected Jesus has promised.

They threw open the shutter. Sunlight flooded their room, as love had flooded their hearts. And the little room was filled with happy noises. Dancing feet, singing, laughing. They unlocked the door and surged out into the streets- as if they had never been afraid.

Surge began in 2008 when pastors from 4 local churches in Phoenix got together and began asking the question, “How can we work together to train leaders for our churches so that we can see disciples surge out into every part of our city?"

Surge is made up of many pastors and churches across Arizona who are involved in various aspects of our network. Our churches gather together for the sake of equipping our people to be the sent people of God into all areas of our State.


Surge provides multiple opportunities for churches to come together in order to gather tools and resources to equip the leaders within their churches. Click on any of the titles below to get more information:

Surge School: A 9 month, intensive leadership development program churches use for discipleship and training of leaders in their churches, workplaces, and all areas of our city. Over 1000 leaders in our city have graduated Surge School since its inception and now several other cities across our nation are also participating in this leadership development program.  

Surge Seminars:  Surge offers intensives designed to equip pastors and church leaders in topics that are essential to cultivating healthy missional churches. Our Surge Seminars are robustly theological and provide leaders with many opportunities to be lifelong learners alongside one another. 

Missional Training Center: In partnership with Redeemer Seminary, we have begun a local seminary that offers a MA in missional theology. Our cohorts are comprised of leaders and pastors from churches across our State. 


Our churches are committed to equip and release leaders into all fields and vocations to live as sent people in a broken world. Surge cultivates environments that churches utilize to send leaders into in the particular homes, work places, schools and neighborhoods that God has placed them in for the purpose of being active participants of God's mission. 


Arizona has been blessed with a sweet fellowship among our local churches and Surge seeks to participate in this work by contributing to the unity and brotherly love that God has birthed among churches and leaders. Our churches gather throughout the year in various ways to encourage and exhort one another to embody the gospel so that the kingdom of God may be clearly put on display.

We seek to be a people that collectively displays God's goodness, grace, and justice throughout Arizona. We are working toward strategic partnerships that bless our city- especially the vulnerable and oppressed.