Surge Network is a movement of local churches united to put Jesus on display in Arizona.


Surge Network is made up of local pastors who desire to fellowship with one another and grow as servant-leaders of missional congregations. A missional congregation is one that is centered and rooted in Jesus with an outward focus to the world around them. We believe the role of pastors is to equip and release members of their congregation to participate in God's mission wherever they live, work, and play. 

Our network is a relational network and we use various environments to provide opportunities for pastors and church leaders to grow as faithful ministers of the gospel of Jesus. 

Gatherings & Collectives

We like to eat together. Each month we have regional network gatherings where pastors and local church leaders can share a meal, pray with one another, and have important conversations around cultivating healthy church leadership and nurturing healthy, missional congregations. Sign up to get the monthly reminders for our Surge Gatherings.

In addition to our regional gatherings in West Valley, North Phoenix, East Valley, Central/South Phoenix, and Tucson we also have a few additional environments to provide more specific training and network opportunities:

The Daniel Initiative- Prayer and Leadership Development for leaders from around the world who have made Arizona their home. Sign up to get the monthly reminders for our Daniel Initiative Gatherings.

Agapist Fellowship: A Learning Community for Minority Pastors

Women in Leadership Gathering

Training Tools

Surge School is one of the main tools our congregations use to train lay leaders in their congregation. Read more about Surge School and contact us if you would like to consider further training to implement Surge School in your congregation. 

Surge Seminars are extended times where pastors can be strengthened and nurtured as they go deeper with each other into topics that related to the pastoral vocation. These all day gatherings or retreats happen a few times a year and the topics are focused around theological education, cultivating health as pastors, and leading missional congregations. 

Faith, Work, and Rest Initiative is designed to help lay leaders in congregations discern their vocations and reimagine their occupations for the good of their neighbor and the glory of God. Pastors often encounter individuals in their congregation who need career direction and are encouraged when a member of their congregation expresses the desire to be on mission with God during their work week. Through the Faith, Work, and Rest Initiative lay leaders who are wrestling with their occupation and/or vocation can receive individual coaching, participate in retreats, and grow in applying all they learned in Surge School into their daily work lives.

Surge Faith, Work and Rest Podcast - we have had a Surge podcast for some time. We are in the process of putting more energy into improving the quality of it and focusing it, in particular on issues at the intersection of Faith, Work and Rest.

Church Planting Training and Coaching: Many of the early churches involved in the formation of Surge were church plants and we share a strong value for planting healthy churches. While our network does not plant churches, we have tools available to help existing churches move toward planting and to resource new plants. 


The Missional Training Center in partnership with Covenant Theological Seminary infuses our Surge congregations with rich theological education that trains pastors and local church leaders for the realities they face in equipping God’s people to be a faithful presence in today’s world. Pastors enrolled in the Missional Training Center are able to earn an accredited Masters of Arts degree in Missional Theology through Covenant Theological Seminary.  Learn more about the Missional Training Center.