Vocation Planning Canvas: We’ve created a free template to help you process your questions about faith, work, and rest. It will help you understand your vocation sweet spot, clarify your long-term vision, define short-term goals, find meaning in the mundane aspects of work, and establish healthy rhythms of rest.

Thank You Cards: Few things encourage good work like someone acknowledging their work with a note of gratitude. We have created these Thank You Cards with the specific intention of encouraging people in their work. They include quotes from good books about Faith, Work, and Rest. Download them for free and use them to honor good work of your friends, neighbors, and companies you appreciate.  

Faith, Work, and Rest Podcast: Our podcasts exists to help people discern their vocations (calling), reimagine their occupations (daily work), and establish healthy rhythms of rest (Sabbath).  If you want to get the flavor of the podcast, we would suggest that you listen to our interview with Andy Crouch about technology,  Oye Waddell about Hustle Phoenix, Dr. Curt Thompson's insights on neuroscience, Teena Dare’s rich reflections on culinary ingredients  or Steven Garber's wisdom for vocation. 

Online Course: We have created an online course called Discover Your Callings that will help you better understand the unique way you were made and help you cultivate a vision for your future.