We have created this online course called Discover Your Callings to help you discern your vocations, develop a Biblical vision of work, and establish healthy rhythms of rest.

The course will help you answer these questions:

  1. How can I discern my callings?

  2. How can I find joy and meaning in the mundane aspects of work?

  3. How can I establish healthy rhythms of rest?

Over the years we’ve heard from many people who are experiencing deep anxiety and frustration in their work. They are struggling to see how their work fits within God’s mission. We want to serve those people and that’s why we created this course.

This course includes: 

1. Creating a personalized vocation plan: Rather than just learning new ideas without putting them to practice, our program is focused on helping you create a customized vocation plan that will help you navigate your vocational journey. 

The Vocation Plan will help you: 

    • Identify your vocational sweetspot.

    • Clarify your long-term vision.

    • Define short-term goals.

    • Reimagine the most challenging, mundane, aspects of work.

    • Establish healthy rhythms of rest. 

2. Daily reflection questions and exercises: After each lesson, we provide you with reflection questions and exercises to help you process and implement what you are learning. 

3. One-on-One coaching: A unique aspect of this course is that it comes with a meeting with a career coach who is trained to help you process your biggest questions about work, calling, and vocation. Our aim is to bring together the best practices of career coaching and a Biblical, Christ-honoring, neighbor-loving, view of work. 

4. Personalized recommendations: We know there are many tools, books, and resources related to faith, work, and rest. We will help curate the best recommendations for you as a part of your long-term development plan. 

5. Discounts on talent assessments: We have partnered with Kutsko Consulting to provide discounted rates for the following assessments. 

  • Behavioral Assessment (DISC)

  • Internal Motivation Assessment

  • Personal Skills Assessment

Course participants will get a substantial 50% discount on all of these assessments. 

6. Establishing healthy rhythms of rest. Some experts have said this era is one of the most overworked and exhausted generations in history. Our coaching will help you find healthy rhythms by recovering the ancient practice of Sabbath which will help you connect with God and enjoy his good creation. 

7. Seeing your work through the lens of the Biblical Story. The more we see life through the lens of the story, the more our lives are filled with meaning and purpose. This often results in more fruitful work, which often glorifies God and contributes to the flourishing of our neighbors. 

The course only costs $9/per month and you can take as much or as little time as you need.