Church Planting Training, Tools, and Coaching 

Surge Network does not plant churches, but many of our congregations share a common desire to see healthy congregations planted in neighborhoods across Arizona. Churches plant churches and we have several training and coaching opportunities to help established churches birth new congregations and to resource new church planters with training and coaching.

Surge Network highly recommends all of the following trainings for potential and existing planters:

Asset Based Community Development

God is actively at work in every neighborhood of our city long before any church or church planter arrive on the scene. The neighborhoods surrounding our congregations should play a unique role in shaping the mission of our congregations. Healthy church plants starts with listening to what the Spirit is already doing in the region of their plant. In partnership with Neighborhood Ministries, Surge encourages church planters (pre or post launch) to take the time to participate in a 6 month asset map training with their core team. This training walks core teams through a process of identifying the strengths, assets, and gifts of a region. Eventually this process brings to light needs within the community, but through an asset based model. 

Redeemer City to City's Incubator Training

In partnership with Redeemer City to City, Surge is able to host the Incubator training for church planters adapted for our Arizona context. Incubator is a two-year program to serve, train, and develop church planters. Each learning module addresses the specific needs of planters. Church planters go through the program during the critical phase of launching their congregations. Contact us if you are within 12 months of planting or in the first two years of your plant and would like to apply to participate in our next cohort.

Exegeting the City

Church planters (especially new to Phoenix) are encouraged to audit the Missional Training Center's yearly Exegeting the City course. This three day experience is a master's level class on wheels. Participants engage in lectures and dialogues while visiting 12 different locations throughout the city discussing how God is at work among the vulnerable and those with power. Themes are explored that help ministers consider how to faithfully engage and love their neighbors in a 21st century post-Christian world. Contact for more information.

Soma School

Each year Missio Dei Communities host potential and existing church planters from around the nation in Arizona for Soma School. This four day experience immerses church planters in the Soma community, helping pastors have a deeper understanding of the Soma model. While this training is especially helpful if you are considering the Soma family, many of our existing churches within Surge have deeply benefited from Soma's emphasis on missional communities and this four day experience is important for 

Coaching, Networking, or Relational Support

Want to meet other pastors in your region? If you are new to Arizona or not yet relationally connected to other planters and intend to plant a church in Arizona, we would love to connect you to others in your area.

Coaching We have experienced church planters from a diversity of backgrounds, models, and denominations who are available to formally coach or informally support you on this journey.

Spouse of a church planter If you are looking for connection, encouragement, or training we would love to meet you!

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