Surge Lunch - May 2017 - Partnering with the church

Partnering with the church

At this Surge lunch, we will be hearing from Anna Ho, President of Reconciled World. This lunch is intended to provoke questions and ideas for what it looks like to be pastors and leaders who are seeking the Spirit’s help to identify lies that trap us as leaders that keep us from being light in the midst of darkness and seek God’s power to embrace all areas of mission he has called us to.

Anna has spent over 20 years in ministry internationally and has sharp insights into how God’s word calls us to effectively address brokenness, walk with the vulnerable, mobilize local resources, and, above all, depend on God.

Anna speaks with deep theological insight to the capability of the local church around the world to see their communities transformed by Jesus and a biblical worldview when they are freed from lies that cripple the church. Anna desires to see the church respond to God and watch as he brings healing to brokenness and builds His church in both numbers and depth.

Speaker: Anna Ho

Anna Ho, together with her husband Nam are the co-founders of Reconciled World. Originally from New Zealand, Anna Ho has lived and worked in Asia since 1995. Anna joined Food for the Hungry in 1996, working with them until 2013. In 2004 Anna started a program, Truth-Centered Transformation to see if people could really move out of poverty as they understood and applied a Biblical Worldview. The results were beyond anything they ever imagined, with hundreds of communities moving out of poverty. In 2013, Nam and Anna followed God’s leading to launch Reconciled World–based on bringing transformation by applying Biblical truth to all areas of brokenness. Anna currently holds the position of Executive Director of Reconciled World. She is based in Asia but spends at least half the year on the road.