Surge Lunch - Jan. 2017 - Merely Human - Zack Eswine

As pastors and church leaders, we desire to “do great things for God.” This seemingly good desire can actually lead to lives that are imbalanced and affections that are grossly misplaced. Do our lives point to the fact that we are “not the Christ”? Are we comfortable when people around us see that we are merely human? If we’re honest, there is a very real temptation to portray ourselves as super-human–priding ourselves on our ability to be everywhere at once, fix every problem, and know everything.

Join us for January’s Surge Lunch with author and pastor Zack Eswine. Zack will speak to the reality that we are merely human and only local–and the Jesus-exalting joy that is found as we embrace these realities. Zack’s personal story is a compelling picture of the dangers of drivenness and what it is to discover joy in our limitations.

Our Speaker: Zack Eswine

Zack is an award-winning author who writes about the significance of an ordinary life and ministry in Jesus. He has authored numerous works, including The Imperfect Pastor.