Time Commitment
Surge School is broken into four quarters, each one is eight weeks long and runs from September to May. You will meet once a week for 90 minutes with a Table Leader from your church.  There will be required reading and homework that will take approximately 10-15 minutes each day.  Each quarter there is a two night Intensive Meeting that the entire Surge School Community will gather together to hear from a speaker on the topic of the quarter. 

The cost for this program is $150 for and individual or $200 for a married couple. Surge School is something churches all across the valley participate in and the funds go toward sustaining the collective work of leadership development our churches are doing. You will also have to order the 4 books.

We offer early registration for students before July 28th.

Surge Reader
Provided with your registration fee is the Surge Reader.  You will receive a beautiful book to help guide you through each week of the program.  The Readers will be provided at the Intensives for each quarter or for current students may be downloaded digital. A password is require and can be obtained for your Table Leader.

Q1 - The Drama of Scripture by Mike Goheen
Q2 - Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt
Q3 - Mission of God's People by Chris Wright
Q4 - Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller
All of the books are available on Amazon or at the Intensives.

2018 Phoenix Intensive Dates:
Redemption Tempe Church 6-9PM

Kickoff Event: September 13th    6-7pm
TL Training: September 13th        7-8:30pm (Table Leaders Only)
School Starts: Week of September 17th
Quarter 1 Intensive: October 5th
Quarter 2 Intensive: November 15th
Quarter 3 Intensive: February 7th
Quarter 4 Intensive: May 9th

2017 TUCSON Intensive Dates:
The Vineyard Christian Community 6-9PM

Kickoff Event:September 12th    6-7pm
TL Training: September 12th      7-8:30pm (Table Leaders Only)
School Starts: Week of September 17th
Quarter 1 Intensive: September 26th
Quarter 2 Intensive: November 14th
Quarter 3 Intensive: February 6th
Quarter 4 Intensive: May 8th