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Helping people discern their vocations and reimagine their occupations for the good of their neighbor and the glory of God. 


Jim Mullins

Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Tempe and is on the leadership team for the Surge Network. He has worked as a pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and a basketball scout in Turkey. He’s the co-founder of several organizations, including the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, Uzbek Justice Initiative, and Peace Catalyst International. He’s married to Jenny, and has a six-year old daughter named Elliana. They spend their time watching basketball, cooking Middle Eastern food, and being completely ineffective gardeners.

Loren Kutsko

Loren resides near Downtown Phoenix with his wife and three kids. He is passionate about church-planting and small business ownership both being vehicles for God's people to bless their cities.  He and his wife, Lauren, have been married for 15 years. They met while attending Indiana University, where they both graduated. Loren and Lauren attend the downtown campus of New Valley Church and they own a career and business coaching practice.

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