Session 1:
Introductory Call

Session 1 Preparation

All individual coaching is custom-designed for the recipient and based on meeting them where they are. Your coach will ask questions, listen and discern your particular needs during a 30-minute phone call.

At the end of this initial session you and your coach will decide if scheduling a deeper vocation vision session will be helpful. If so, your coach will discuss any follow-up exercises, possible fees and other resources that will help you.

Session 1 Agenda

  • Introduction to Coaching Process
  • Overview of Career Background
  • Coaching Questions to Uncover Needs
  • Decide to Continue Meeting (or not)
  • Pray

*after you schedule your introductory call, you will receive an automatic email response confirming your meeting time and including a link to the online coaching preparation exercises.

Session 2:
Vocation Vision

Session 2 Preparation

  • Online Self-Assessment of: 
    • DISC Behavioral Style
    • Driving Forces
    • Abilities
    • Aches
    • Anchors
    • Affections
    • Aspirations

Session 2 Agenda

  • Review Results of Exercises
  • Long-Term Trajectory & Goal Setting
  • Understanding of Self
  • Vocational Sweetspot
  • Decide to meet again or not
  • Pray

At the end of this longer session which typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes, an individual can expect to come away with a fuller understanding of themselves including: career goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills, interests and the role that personal finances play into the big picture.

Session 3 & Beyond:
Next Steps & Opportunity Debriefing

Self-discovery takes time and it's not a process that is easy to put a time limit on. Future ongoing check-in sessions with your coach are always welcome and included in your initial coaching fee.

Some of the steps that we talk about and help with are:

  • Career plan creation
  • Long-term financial security planning
  • Business ownership as a blessing to your community
  • Education plan creation
  • Opportunity exploration & discovery
  • Resume writing and Interview skill development
  • Informational interviewing and help finding mentors