We want our career resources to be as accessible as possible for all who need them. Whenever you want to talk with someone, you can reach out and someone will follow-up with you and help you get pointed in the right direction without charge. Funding has been provided and scholarships can be made available for those who have financial need and qualify. Here are some of the coaches in our community who are committed to the Surge mission and have agreed to meet with Surge School Students who are in career transition.

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Loren Kutsko

For the Surge Faith, Work and Rest Initiative, Loren's coaching is focused on walking alongside those who are out of work and looking for their next opportunity. Loren's specialty is using small business ownership and franchising as a vehicle to glorify God and bless local communities. Learn more about Loren and his work at lorenkutsko.com.

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Jim Mullins

Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Tempe and is on the leadership team for the Surge Network. He has worked as a pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and a basketball scout in Turkey. He’s married to Jenny, and has an eight-year old daughter named Elliana. They spend their time watching basketball, cooking Middle Eastern food, and being completely ineffective gardeners.

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Lauren Kutsko

Lauren helps individuals lean into their natural way of viewing the world. As a Certified Behavioral Analyst she teaches others that their natural style of viewing the world is unique and important.  She says, "After a few coaching sessions, my clients begin to stand tall, walk proud and humbly serve their communities with passion, strength and wisdom as they lean in to who they were created to be! For the Surge Faith, Work and Rest Initiative, Lauren's coaching is focused on finding true rest and margin in the midst of a culture of extreme busyness. Learn more about Lauren and her work at laurenkutsko.com.

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Dr. Don Worcester

For the last 25 years, Don has been counseling, speaking and consulting with a wide range of individuals and organizations around areas relating to Personal, Professional and Relational health. He and his wife, Renee also lead and speak at Marriage events and Conferences across the United States. He loves Fly fishing, big dogs, spicy food and Frisbee golf. For the Surge Faith, Work and Rest Initiative, Don's coaching is focused on vocation assessment and fit by using the SDS and NEO PI-R assessment tools. Learn more about Don and his work at donandrenee.com.

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Ginger Korljan

Ginger has worked with hundreds of people, helping them every step of the way to pursue and obtain fulfilling jobs. For the Surge Faith, Work and Rest Initiative, Ginger's coaching is focused on helping people improve their interviewing skills. Learn more about Ginger and her work at takechargecoaching.com.

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Each coaching session includes written summary reports of any completed assessments and a 90-minute review, consultation and discussion of specific questions and recommendations with a professional coach.

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