The Daniel Initiative is a network of pastors and church leaders from all over the world who have moved to Arizona. These global leaders are committed to serving the local church by seeking and equipping the next generation of “Daniels.” Daniel lived faithfully before God in a foreign land by serving as a leader who blessed both God’s people and his new nation. We desire to see the next generation of multicultural leaders bless our cities and lead multicultural churches in the 21st century. 

Daniel is one of the most well known characters from the Old Testament, yet we know nothing about the people who were responsible for his formation before he was taken into captivity to Babylon. These "unknown" and "invisible" characters were the leaders who helped develop Daniel and his friends. They trained them not just to know the Torah, but also to know and experience their God in powerful ways. It's likely that you think of Daniel as this great individual man of God, but the truth is he probably had several people who believed  and invested in him and helped him become the godly young man he was when he arrived in Babylon.

Although the primary goal of The Daniel Initiative is to find and develop the next generation of "Daniels," we believe that this can only be done through prayer and unity among those who are living in "exile". This is why we offer support for the many "unknown" and "invisible" leaders in our cities who are faithfully serving their ethnic communities. 

We humbly aim to fulfill this vision through two main gatherings. 

Our Monthly Gatherings

We gather monthly alternating between an extended time of prayer and worship, and a shared lunch. These gatherings are primarily intended for first and second generation immigrants who are serving their churches and communities in different parts of the Phoenix metro area. 


The Prayer Gatherings

Just like Daniel, we believe that God wants to work in partnership with us as we pray. All-night prayer meetings and extended times of Intercessory prayer and worship are a common practice for most of the ethnic church communities in our city. With this same passion and desire to see God move in our communities we gather for a few hours every other month to pray, intercede and worship together.


The Lunch Gatherings

You are not alone! Come and join us for a time of fellowship and mutual encouragement as you share a meal with like minded leaders in the city. Make new friends and strengthen old ones as you hear from other people with similar challenges and opportunities.
As we eat together we will have a time to hear from one another and from a speaker on a relevant topic to our community.

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