You're Not Alone

Making a career change is full of challenges and emotions. It can be exciting or scary or both. Because going through a career transition is such a critical time, we've compiled a list of resources that are available to individuals who are in career transition. See below for various ways you can be supported during your transition to find better work.


Career Transition Meet Up Groups

Meet with a group of individuals who are also in career transition. These meetings are held weekly and are facilitated by someone from the Faith, Work and Rest Initiative. 

Individual Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a career coach during your transition.


Career Connectors

Career Connectors is a great organization that hosts career networking events around the Phoenix metropolitan area on a weekly basis. Click the Learn More button to find out more about the next eve


A test cannot tell you who you are or what job to do. Yet, self-discovery: beginning your career transition with an inward look at who God has made you to be and what is most important to you is a critical first step in any career renewal journey if it is to be done effectively. We've found that these assessments can be very helpful at gaining rich insights into who we are.