Pray Arizona

Pastors and Ministry Leaders,

As Surge celebrates 10 years of fellowship and mission together there is much to thank God for. The Spirit has been kind to bring together leaders from many denominations, traditions, and backgrounds with a shared vision to see Jesus on display in our city. Over the last decade we have shared burdens and joys, seen new churches started, watched church members engage more faithfully in their vocational callings, eaten hundreds of meals together, and tried to be present as our city has had both need and opportunity.

With each passing year, I am more convinced that God is at work in Arizona in ways no one person, church, network or even generation can take credit for. The Spirit is sanctifying, pruning, unifying and strengthening his Bride and we are gifted to be invited by Jesus to join his work, his mission. He has not given any of us a sideline role, but brought us to the very heart of his work, given us family in one another, and tasked us to bear witness to the kingdom of God. We are privileged to do this through our devotion to Jesus, love for one another, and love of our neighbors. This is true for every Jesus follower, every church, and every ministry in our city. Surge is just blessed to be part of the whole of what the Spirit seems to be doing throughout our cities.

As many of us share gratitude about God’s faithfulness to us, I hope we grow in awareness of how fragile this work is. It’s fragile because it is made up of humans and it can be easy to rely on our own strategies instead of daily seeking God’s direction. It’s fragile because the Spirit of God works through a people, not merely individuals; therefore, the enemy’s primary strategy is to drive wedges and sow jealousy, dissension, and suspicion between his people and convince us it’s easier to separate then to continually practice forbearance and reconciliation. It’s fragile because the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few and we must pray for the Lord of the harvest to send more workers. It is only in embracing our fragility, our weakness, that we grow more aware of God’s grace and more dependent on the Spirit. What a beautiful place to be!

Because of this, we have committed 2019 to a year of kingdom prayer. We want to invite congregations to spend the year praying for the Spirit of God to move among us and to convict, strengthen, and grow his church so that we might be a more faithful witness to Jesus and his Gospel in our cities.

We have created some prayer resources to help guide us in this endeavor:

  1. A calendar that is also a magnet that can guide your church members with prayer resources throughout the year

  2. A bookmark to invite members into integrating prayer into their Bible study 

  3. A platform for members to signup to receive weekly text messages and emails with prayer points 

  4. Each region in Surge has decided to host a multi-congregational prayer gathering. Depending on what region you are in, you will be receiving more information on 1 day in 2019 where your church members can gather with other churches in their region for prayer. 

If you would like to join us, would you sign up

Looking forward to continuing following Jesus together!

Dennae Pierre