Hurricane Harvey: prayer, support, & serving sister churches in Houston 

Pastors and Church Leaders,

In such a short time 5 million residents of Houston have had their lives turned upside down. We grieve this tragedy and are praying for the overwhelming loss and suffering. As you pray for Houston, please pray for the church to shine beautifully in the midst of all the destruction and pain. Pray that Jesus' church in Houston would be a force of love, generosity, and peace. Pray she would live and serve together as one body. Pray that the aroma of Jesus would permeate from the hands and feets of Jesus’ children and that the Holy Spirit would tangibly comfort those who are mourning through his saints.We are a network of churches that seek to put Jesus on display in our city through our love and partnership with one another. Jesus, bearing witness, mission, and Arizona are some of the things we have in common, but many of us also come from different denominations, affiliations, networks and have relationships with churches, pastors, and ministries in Houston. We reached out to some of the pastors who are part of our Surge Leadership and came up with a list of congregations, ministries, and pastors we are directly connected to who could benefit from our prayers and support. Please join us in praying for the following pastors, congregations, and ministries. As you take time to pray for the suffering at a macro level, please also pray for a few of the many church families in Houstonby name and the work they have ahead of them.


….for churches in the area and Christian Community Development ministries that have been working among the poor prior to the Hurricane….

*Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church  Pray for this sister church that has been ministering in Houston for 54 years. WABC has been faithfully serving families in their neighborhood and watching God transform lives as they love their community through preaching the gospel and providing countless services to support families transition out of poverty. Pray for their pastor, Dr. Marcus Cosby, and his work to shepherd and lead their people.  #helpinghoustonheal

City Church Let’s be praying for City Church and their pastor, Leo Schuster. City Church is a beautiful PCA church in Houston and friends with several of our congregations in Phoenix.@citychurchhou

*El Tabernaculo Please be praying for this special congregation in Houston. El Tabernaculo is a bilingual congregation that has been present in their community for almost 75 years and is connected to us through our Assemblies of God and CCDA networks.  Pray for Pastors J & Melissa Alfaro and their team as they minister to those who are able to come into their distribution center for supplies. @eltabag*Vida Nueva Baptist ChurchPlease pray for pastor Jaime Pérez and his wife Mireya as they seek to serve the needs of their bilingual congregation and community in this challenging times. Vida Nueva is connected to us through our CCDA network.

Houston Northwest Church Pray for HoustonNorthwest Church and their pastor, Steve Bezner. Their church is made up of people from all walks of life, each growing in their discovery of God’s grace through the Gospel of Jesus. #welovehou*Ecclesia Houston Please pray for the leadership team of Ecclesia: Pastors Sean Palmer and Chris Seay as they work to love their community. Ecclesia Houston is working extensively to organize and mobilize teams to respond to the tragedy and love their neighbors well. (see below for more info on sending a team to help them) @EcclesiaHouston

*St John’s Church DowntownPlease pray for Pastors Rudy and Janita Rasmus, their team, and this congregation that has been faithfully serving the poor in their community before Hurricane Harvey and is working now to mobilize teams to love those suffering. (see below for more info on sending a team to help them)

Ship of Praise Please pray for Ship of Praise and Pastor Edgar Usher. Ship of Praise is partnered with and part of the same denomination as First Pentecostal and Sister Linda Morris. Ship of Praise has been serving in two locations of the Houstonarea and has many families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Soma Waxahachie Soma Waxahachie is part of the Soma family and friends of our Missio Dei team here in Phoenix. Please pray for their pastor, Joshua Elsom, and his family. They are welcoming in families who have had to leave their homes behind in Houstonand seeking to use their hospitality to prevent families from homelessness.

Agape Development Ministries Agape is a local ministry in Houstonembedded in a low-income neighborhood. Agape has been focused on transforming their community through discipleship, leadership development among young people, and many other programs. They are connected to our churches here in Phoenix who are part of the CCDA network.Cornerstone Family Ministries Cornerstone intentionally builds relationships in underserved communities and has been invested in Houston working to form communities of discipleship. They serve children, teens, and walk with families in poverty. Please pray for their team as they seek to love their neighbors well in the aftermath of the storm.


Below are trusted organizations that pastors within our executive board have experience partnering, serving, and financially supporting that are engaged in active relief for Hurricane Harvey.

Hope Force International

Convoy of Hope

Preemeptive Love Coalition

PCA Disaster Response

lead a team

Our dear friends at Imago Dei in Portland are working with some sister churches in Houston to welcome teams to come serve the relief and cleanup efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Imago Dei is coordinating the teams so that our churches in Houston do not have to carry the additional burden of administrating the asks for help as they seek to mobilize those who are willing and able to bring a team.

If you would like to bring a team from your church out to help, please checkout this link.The ideal scenario would probably be if your church was able to say "We'd love to send 10 volunteers (or however many) on this particular week" and organize the volunteers internally around a point person from your church that we could communicate with as a central point of communication. However, if that organization is difficult logistically, it also works if you want to just send them directly to the link above as an individual. Imago says do what is best for your congregation.