January 2016 Surge Lunch - Faith, Work, and a Flourishing City

“No task is too small a vessel to hold the immense dignity of work given by God." – Tim Keller

The average adult will spend over 92,000 hours at work during the course of their lifetime, not to mention the many hours they will spend studying, doing domestic work, or participating in civic life.

How can we equip God’s people to engage in their work for the glory of God and the good of the their neighbors?
How can we affirm the many vocations and occupations that are represented in our communities?

Pastor Jim Mullins was our speaker for January’s Surge Lunch. He focused on these very questions and concluded the time with a small panel discussion about ways we can equip people to glorify God and seek the flourishing of the city through their work. This Surge lunch was designed to give you practical tools to empower every member of your church to contribute to God's mission through their day to day work.

Guest Contributors:

Oye Waddell -  Executive Director of Hustle PHX, Associate Pastor of New City Church
Craig Hayton - Public Works Supervisor (Parks and Recreation) for the City of Tempe
Kiersten Traina - Owner of Liberty Market & Director of Foster Care and Adoption at Redemption Church
Brian Brown - Owner of Joseph’s Coat Painting

Videos shown during the lunch