Description: The Asset Based Community Development Model will provide a team from your church with a foundation in understanding the communities they are in from an asset focus instead of a deficit focus. Every neighborhood has needs and every community has families who are vulnerable living around them. This approach allows you to get familiar and acquainted with them, but with an understanding that there are great strengths from within the neighborhood and the Holy Spirit was already working long before we arrived on the scene. 

Your team will receive training, tools and coaching as they are given assignments to create an "asset map" of their church neighborhood. 

Trainer: Kit Danley is the founder and president of Neighborhood Ministries. Neighborhood Ministries has been in the heart of downtown Phoenix for over 30 years working with families in poverty. This is a course she teaches yearly for doctoral students and she has graciously agreed to take 5 of our Surge churches through the process. 

What you need: A point person to lead the way at your church and a team (4-10 people) who will participate in the monthly meetings and do the work in between the meetings. This is a 6 month commitment from people within your church to help you strengthen your presence in the area God's placed your church family.  

Cost: $800 for the team (can be paid in installments) 

Aug. 8, 2016, at Neighborhood Ministries — Key Stakeholders, i.e. pastors, missions team lead, outreach director, etc. come to hear overview, become educated on the process of ABCD and receive materials.  Bring key team members.
Sep. 12, 2016, Mercy Hill Church —  The teams have been recruited and oriented.  Whole teams will come for training and launch into the work of ABCD.
Oct. 3, 2016, Roosevelt Community Church — For the next three months, during these meetings, each team will report on significant interviews and discoveries in their communities.  Important learnings will be logged and discussed.
Nov. 7, 2016 — Check-in … “how you are doing” meeting and storytelling about discoveries.
Dec. 5, 2016 — Final check-in and processing on five months of learning.  There will be directed analysis of the findings in this meeting.
Jan. 9, 2017 — Final presentations of the completed asset map from each team.  Each team will invite their personal audience.

Location and Time: Neighborhood Ministries at 6:00pm

We were absolutely humbled during our first session because we presumed we would be the “savior” of the community. However, after the completion of the program, the so-called “masters” become the “students”, as the community is now teaching us how God has been at work all along.
— Chrystal Stewart, Remnant Church
ABCD was a great chance for us as a community to really see the community around us. You don’t even realize how much you miss until you start looking and listening with intentionality. Part of participating in and loving our area is by knowing it, that knowledge helps us to care more specifically, to try to ask where Jesus would be in the neighborhood, and this leads us to better action.
— Johanna Richards, Missio Dei Communities

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Resources from day 1

Here you will find everything we covered on the first session. You can open the course notes, click play to hear the audio recording and follow along with the slideshow.

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